Pave the Way With Concrete

Look to us for concrete sidewalk installations and more in Chichester or Concord, NH

Do you want to add a sidewalk to your property? McCarthy Concrete offers concrete sidewalk installations in Chichester or Concord, NH. You can also take advantage of our driveway and concrete garage installations. Either way, our crew will deliver high-quality work at a price you'll love.

Please note that we don't repair or remove old concrete at this time. To learn more about what our concrete services include, call 603-568-0295.

Expert solutions to your concrete needs

Don't hesitate to reach out to McCarthy Concrete in Concord, NH. We offer the following installations:

  • Garages - 400 lbs. of interior concrete mixed with fiber mesh to get that slick look
  • Sidewalks and driveways - 4000 PSI with wire mesh to form the general design
  • Monolithic slabs - number 4 rebar combined with wire mesh and a 4000 PSI fiber mesh

Whether you're hiring us for a concrete sidewalk installation or concrete garage installation, you'll be impressed by the incredible results we provide.

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Garage Floors

Garage floors are on average 4-6 inches thick. A 4-inch floor is more commonly used for a residential home garage; however, a 6-inch floor would be used if you are looking to put a lift in your home garage or commercial garage, we can help pour your new floor. Time frame 1-2 working days.

Project Overview

A typical garage floor is 4 inches thick with a minimum of 1/8 inch per foot of pitch. Meaning a 24-foot-deep garage floor would have 3 inches of pitch from back wall to front garage doors. We also add a ¾-1 inch slope down to your road height on the outside of the garage doors to help prevent any water from coming in your garage, due to any road rain that might run down your existing driveway.

Proconstruction Services

This is a list of services provide but not limited too

  • Prepping of wire mesh or use of fiber mesh
  • Suppling and setting of door boards to hold concrete in
  • Pouring of garage floor
  • A couple different finish options
  • Cutting of relief joints

Reliable & Experienced

Here is a small list of finish options but not limited too.

  • Non slip textured machine finish.
  • Non slip textured hand finish.
  • Shined machine finish.


A concrete sidewalk is made out of cement, water, aggregate and sand, making a concrete sidewalk very durable and long-lasting compared to asphalt. Concrete has a more durable composition. A concrete sidewalk requires less maintenance than asphalt. Large cracks and chips are less likely to develop over time and a concrete sidewalk requires far less repairs, if any, compared to asphalt which has a much shorter lifespan.

Project Overview

A concrete sidewalk is typically is between 4-6 inches thick. They are formed to a typical 4'-5' wide by whatever the desired length is needed for the job. The forms can be set with straight lines and 90-degree corners or forms can be set using radius boards. Both form options can be used together as well. All sidewalks include wire mesh as well as a couple options for relief joints. The average time frame for job completion is 1-3 working days.

Proconstruction Services

This is a list of materials, labor equipment and services, including but not limited to

  • Forming.
  • pinning and bracing forms.
  • ramps and pitches.
  • laying and cutting of wire mesh.
  • Pouring of sidewalks
  • Hand troweling
  • finishing of concrete.

Reliable & Experienced

At McCarthy Concrete we are experienced in many finishing options.

Below is a list of some of the sidewalk finishing options and relief cut options that we provide but is not limited to

  • typical broom finish.
  • Fine broom finish.
  • Aggressive non slip broom finish.
  • Exposed aggregate.
  • Hand trowel finish.
  • Hand joints for relief joints.
  • Saw cut joints for relief joints.