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Look to McCarthy Concrete when you need concrete construction services in Concord, NH. We have over a decade of experience pouring slabs for home additions, new construction projects, basement floors, garage floors, patios and driveways. Rely on us to provide you with stamped, monolithic or stained concrete at an affordable price. You won't go wrong when you hire us to complete your project.

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Don't forget these extra features

Before you wrap up your new construction project, turn to the locally owned and operated McCarthy Concrete in Concord, NH. You can use our concrete pouring services to add in slabs for...

  • Patios
  • Garages
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks

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Monolithic Slabs

Monolithic slabs are pads used for buildings, like a free-standing garage that is separate from your home. A typical monolithic pad is 4-6 inches in the middle of the slab, while the outer edges of the slab are formed to 12 inches thick- and this is done so that the edges of the building has more concrete to withhold the structural weight on the building walls to be framed after the concrete slab is completed. Time frame is 2-4 days for job completion.

Project Overview

The size of a typical monolithic slab is up to you, the homeowner or contractor. Monolithic pads are first formed with 2x12s around the perimeter to the specified size. We put a minimum on two continuous #4 rebar around the perimeter with wire mesh or fiber mesh. There are also a few different options of finishes for your monolithic pad.

Proconstruction Services

Here is a list of services provided

  • Providing all materials, labor equipment
  • Forming of slab
  • Bracing and pinning of slab
  • Rebar for slab
  • Wire mesh or fiber mesh
  • Finishing of the concrete surface
  • Cutting relief cuts in slab

Reliable & Experienced

We at McCarthy Concrete are experienced in many monolithic finish options, here is a small list of options we provide for finishes on the monolithic slabs

  • Broom finish
  • Hand trowel finish
  • Machine fuzzy finish
  • Machine shined finish

Basement floors

Basement floors are pretty straight forward. If you're doing an addition and need a new basement floor we can help. If you're a home owner with an older home that has a dirt basement sub floor, we can pour a basement floor for you to help flatten the ground and reduce the dust. Or maybe you have an older/newer home but have a crawl space that is very drafty and has lots of moisture, a slab can be poured to help with that. Time frame is 1-2 working days.

Project Overview

Most basement floors are 4 inches thick and we have few different finish options for you.

Proconstruction Services

This is a list of services provide but not limited too

  • Providing all materials, labor equipment
  • Setting grade of floor
  • Pouring of floor
  • Finishing of concrete floor
  • Cutting of concrete floor

Reliable & Experienced

We at McCarthy Concrete are experienced in many finish options here is a small list of them but not limited too.

  • Smooth Hand trowel
  • Fuzzy machine finish
  • Shined machine finish